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Groton Animal Shelter

Posted by:   Elizabeth on Jun 3, 2013
Town:         Mystic
Troop:        63815

What issue did your Take Action project address?
Sophie, Ava and I decided to help out the Groton Animal Shelter because we all love animals. In order to care for animals that were lost or abandoned by their owners, the shelter needs a lot of supplies. We wanted to help the shelter give the animals a comfortable place to live until they found their forever home.

What was your Take Action Project? Who did you involve in your project?
Our project involved a great deal of fundraising in our neighborhoods. We requested donations from our neighbors, and also at Pet Supplies Plus in Groton. Mr. Lane, our principal at S.B. Butler, also let us request donations at the school. we requested donations at a small booth we set up at a tag sale in Sophie's neighborhood. Overall, community members, staff at Pet Supplies Plus, Mr. Lane, Sophie, Ava, and our moms were all involved in this project.

What were the results? How did it affect the community?
We collected over $100 in cash for the shelter, and about 15 boxes of supplies for the Groton Animal Shelter. The community was impacted in a positive way because lost or abandoned animals can be properly cared for in the shelter until they get adopted. If the shelter didn't help save and care for the animals, they would be suffering outside in the wild. People also wouldn't have the chance to adopt animals that really need good homes.

What did you learn from the experience?
I learned that animals, just like humans, need help. It felt really good to be able to help the shelter. I also learned that some people are really happy to help out, and others aren't as interested. I was happy with the number of people that did help out, though.

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