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Helping Children in Need with Literacy

Posted by:   Kimberly on Apr 21, 2013
Town:         Ridgefield
Troop:        50145

What issue did your Take Action project address?
Many children in foster care are in need of pajamas. By providing pajamas and a book, these children can enjoy the same bedtime routine that many kids look forward to each night. Literacy support for these children is so important as well so helping to instill a love of books is a priority.

What was your Take Action Project? Who did you involve in your project?
Troop 50145 ran a pajama and book collection at Ridgebury Elementary school and used funds from a bake sale and from the sale of cookies to purchase pajamas. Individuals and Kohl's of Ridgefield donated books. The girls went shopping and purchased pajamas for babies through teens. In all, over 150 pairs of pajamas and 400 new books were purchased and donated.

Pajamas and Books were donated to the Department of Children and Family Services in Bridgeport, Danbury Family and Children's Aid, and to the Interfaith Learning Center in Danbury. Danbury Hospital's Pediatric Health Center received the balance of the books. Recipients for pajama donations were found through the Pajama Program of CT

In addition to the donations, Troop 50145 visited the Interfaith Learning Center in Danbury. The girls read and sang with the children and at the end of the visit, each child received a book to bring home. 96 children received a book and a lot of Girl Scout love.

What were the results? How did it affect the community?
Some children received the first pair of pajamas they have ever owned. Teens were a recipient of some of the pajamas and since they are typically an under-served group, the impact was that much more. The girls were role models to the preschoolers and created a wonderful connection for them to books. Awareness was raised at Ridgebury Elementary about the needs of children in foster care.

What did you learn from the experience?
There are many children in need and there are many things that we can do to help them. Also, asking others to help in the cause and setting goals allowed us to do more than we could on our own. Getting to read to the children and play with them was wonderful and we would like to continue working with these kids. The receiving organizations are very appreciative of what we have done for the children and the kids seem happy too.

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