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Some ways to say Thank You!

Recognition need not be an occasional, formal activity. All volunteers benefit from the expressions of gratitude which come from those with whom they work or those especially made by a girl or troop. On a day-to-day basis, a simple thank you is valued and sometimes counts more than the occasional recognition. When and how the recipient is recognized will make the expression of gratitude memorable. You can also find more ideas on our Pinterest board!

Some events to keep in mind for recognition would include:

•    October 31 – Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday
•    February 22 – Thinking Day
•    March 12 – The birthday of Girl Scouting in the United States
•    April 22 – Leader’s Day
•    National Volunteer’s Week – the last full week of April
•    Immediately following service rendered
•    Year-end Court of Award Ceremony
•    Service Unit meeting
•    Special recognition event
•    Board or club meeting of an outside group rendering a service

Some ways to say “thank you” could include:

•    a personal note for a job well done
•    a package of seeds to recall their growth
•    a photo moment of a special event
•    homemade cookies delivered to their door
•    a birthday-gram of clippings of things they are appreciated for
•    a bookmark with an appropriate quote
•    flowers from your garden to take home from a meeting
•    a singing telegram from a group of Girl Scouts
•    a phone call to say things are going well
•    an invitation to join you for lunch
•    a bulletin board display in your meeting place
•    a “prescription” for a dose of gratitude
•    a paperback written by their favorite author
•    a holiday theme party  (e.g. Thanksgiving in June)
•    a quilt with patches made by several friends
•    a coffee in her/his honor
•    an “Academy Awards” for volunteers
•    a booklet of coupons redeemable for treats from you
•    an invitation to attend a special meeting
•    a Homecoming of people she/he has worked with over the years
•    a “bankbook” of deposits she/he has made in the future of Girl Scouting
•    a Valentine from a thankful colleague
•    a song parody about her/him on tape
•    personalized note paper designed and created by you
•    a “warm fuzzies” sheet written by friends recalling traits they appreciate her/him for
•    a "This is Your Life" presentation
•    A Happy Birthday Potluck Supper
•    a cake commemorating the closing of a successful Girl Scout Year
•    presents from GSOFCT
•    a collage of keepsakes from a trip you shared
•    your warm smile and a bag of “kisses”

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