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Safety Activity Checkpoints
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The Safety Activity Checkpoints is a resource that guides volunteers to keep girls safe as they experience various activities. Each Safety Activity Checkpoint offers you information on where to do this activity, how to include girls with disabilities, where to find both basic and specialized gear required for the activity, how to prepare yourselves for the activity, what specific steps to follow on the day of the activity, and so on. 

The Safety Activity Checkpoints are only available as an electronic resource. This format allows you or the girls to download and print the checkpoints specific to the activities the girl’s are interested in and can easily be shared by email with co-volunteers, as well as parents/guardians as needed. It also helps us to maintain our commitment to the environment by using our resources wisely!

If a Safety Activity Checkpoint does not exist for an activity you and the girls are interested in, check with council before making any definite plans with the girls. A few activities are allowed only with written council pre-approval and only for girls 12 and over, while some are off-limits completely.

When preparing for any activity with girls, always begin with the Safety Activity Checkpoints written specifically for that particular activity. The checkpoints are formatted as checklists, so that you, your co-volunteers, and the girls can check off each step that has been accomplished. Please also take a look at the GSOFCT Acceptable Certifications for Outdoor Activities, to make sure any certification requirements are met.

Provided below is an overview of the format within each activity.
You can also download a separate copy of the Introduction to Safety Activity Checkpoints. See the 2016-17 Safety Activity Checkpoint Changes to see what has been updated recently.

Know where to do the activity. Brief summary of the most common places girls carry out the activity

Include girls with disabilities. Information, including websites, on including girls with disabilities

Required Gear includes clothing and equipment girls will need in order to take part in the activity.
Recommended Gear
includes clothing and equipment girls may need, but are not required to have, in order to take part in the activity.

Prepare for the Activity
These checkpoints discuss steps to take in advance of the activity. Not every category is listed here, and not every activity includes these categories.

  • Communicate with council and parents. Inform your Girl Scout council and the girls’ parents/guardians about the activity, including details about safety precautions and any appropriate clothing or supplies that may be necessary (see Required or Recommended Gear). Follow council procedures for activity approval, certificates of insurance and council guidelines about girls’ general health examinations. Make arrangements in advance for all transportation and confirm plans before departure.
  • Girls plan the activity. Keeping their grade level abilities in mind, encourage girls to take proactive leadership roles in organizing details of the activity.
  • Arrange for transportation and adult supervision. The recommended adult-to-girl ratios are two non-related adults (at least one of whom is female) to every:
    • 6 Girl Scout Daisies
    • 12 Girl Scout Brownies
    • 16 Girl Scout Juniors
    • 20 Girl Scout Cadettes
    • 24 Girl Scout Seniors
    • 24 Girl Scout Ambassadors
  • Plus one adult to each additional:
    • 1-4 Girl Scout Daisies
    • 1-6 Girl Scout Brownies
    • 1-8 Girl Scout Juniors
    • 1-10 Girl Scout Cadettes
    • 1-12 Girl Scout Seniors
    • 1-12 Girl Scout Ambassadors

    • It should be noted that some high-adventure activities may require a lower adult-to-girl ratio than stated above. If this is the case, the SACs for that activity will provide this ratio. Also, some activities are not appropriate for all levels of Girl Scouts, particularly Daisies and Brownies. For those activities, the adult-to-girl ratio can be ignored for girls not permitted to participate.

      Note: For mixed-grade level troops, use the ratio for the lowest grade level in the troop. For example, if the troop consists of Daisies and Brownies, the Daisy ratio should be followed.

  • Verify instructor knowledge and experience. Ensuring the volunteers or on-site instructors possess the proper skill set, knowledge, training/certification and/or documented experience according to your council’s guidelines, as outlined in Volunteer Essentials.
  • Compile key contacts. Give an itinerary to a contact person at home, and call the contact person upon departure and return. Create a list of girls’ parents/guardian contact information, telephone numbers for emergency services and police, and council contacts – keep on hand or post in an easily accessible location.
  • Activity specific guidelines. Guidelines covering such things as safety precautions, proper dress, routes and maps, etc.
  • Respect the environment. Tips for ensuring environmental responsibility.
  • Prepare for emergencies. First-aider requirements and other emergency precautions.

On the Day of the Activity
These checkpoints include important final reminders on the day of the activity. Not every category is listed here, and not every activity includes these categories.

  • Get a weather report. Ways to monitor the weather for any outdoor activity and/or activity requiring transportation
  • Use the buddy system. Using the buddy system, girls are divided into teams of two. Each girl is responsible for staying with her buddy at all times, warning her buddy of danger, giving her buddy immediate assistance if safe to do so, and seeking help when the situation warrants it. Girls are encouraged to stay near the group or buddy with another team of two, so in the event someone is injured, one person cares for the patient while two others seek help.
  • Safeguard valuables. Store equipment and other valuables in a locked storage area.
  • Be prepared in the event of a storm with lightning. Special details for outdoor warm-weather activities

Links guide you to the activity-related websites.

Know-How for Girls offers ways to expand girls' knowledge of the activity.

 Be safe and have fun!

Locate a specific Safety Activity Checkpoint by clicking on the name of an activity below.

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