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What is Cookies for Heroes?

Cookies for Heroes is the council’s Gift of Caring service project that encourages customers to support Girl Scouting, our veterans and  active duty military
members at home and overseas as well as local community heroes. Help by purchasing cookies, and Girl Scouts will ensure the cookies are delivered to our heroes. It’s a great way for everyone to support Girl Scouting and the women and men serving our country and community.

Send a CookiEmail message to our heroes on!

Coast Guard with Cookies
Members of the U.S. Coast Guard
"Overall the impact we made as a troop may have been small, but we feel the impact of their donation and their experience will stay with this patriotic group of girls for quite awhile."
-Leader, Troop 62199

“It is a special occasion to receive mail from folks back home knowing that we may be out of sight but not out of mind... I do like Girl Scout cookies, especially the Samoas and Thin Mints. ”
-Lt. Cmdr. Steve Boyer
 Waterbury Batallion
143d Combat Sustainment Support Battalion from Waterbury
Fairfield Police
Fairfield police officers
with Girl Scouts

"Thank you so much, there is simply nothing better for a soldier's morale than receiving packages and mail from home. The Girl Scout Cookies were especially wonderful, and I'm fairly certain the Samoas were all eaten within 10 minutes of me opening the box."
-Lt. Col. Tony Crawford 

How can I buy Cookies for Heroes?

You can order cookies through a Girl Scout or at a booth sale. Let the girl know you would like to donate the cookies to Cookies for Heroes. Cookies are $5 a box or $60 dollars a case. The girl will collect the money, and Girl Scouts of Connecticut will ensure the cookies are sent to women and men serving our country.

If you don't know any Girl Scouts and want to buy cookies to donate, fill out this form or contact us at or (800) 882-5561 ext. 3848.

How can girls participate in Cookies for Heroes?

Girls should let their customers know about the Cookies for Heroes program. Customers will often purchase cookies for themselves and the Cookies for Heroes program. If customers only purchase Cookies for Heroes, girls can collect the money at the time of the order as there are no cookies to deliver back to the customer. The Cookies for Heroes program is a great way for girls to reach their goals while supporting a great cause. Girls can also direct customers to so they can send a CookiEmail message that will be sent with cookies.


For a Gift of Caring reminder card you can pass out when you take cookie orders or have a booth sale, click here.
For a flyer about Cookie For Heroes, click here.

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