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Be a Hero

There is a girl standing at a crossroads.  Will you help her? 

She is standing at the crossroads of summer.

Down one road she is sitting on the couch, indoors, watching TV, eating junk food.

Down the other road she is at Girl Scout Camp, running in the fresh air, laughing with new friends, learning new skills.
YOU can be her HERO!

Last year, through the incredible generosity of our donors, over 650 girls throughout Connecticut were able to go to camp in 2013. This year, our goal is to raise $130,000 so girls can stretch beyond their comfort zone, sing campfire songs under the stars, and experience the bonds of friendship that are uniquely Girl Scouts.

You may never meet her. You may never know her. But you can rest assured you have given a young girl the opportunity to grow which will impact her future decisions, her belief in herself and her ability to succeed at both home and school.

Our Campership Fund provides financial assistance to girls who would like to attend summer camp but whose families can not afford it. Their stories are heart wrenching. Unemployment. Illness. Unexpected bills. With your help, their girls can have a summer to remember!

Why give a gift of summer camp?

Experiencing summer camp stays with a girl forever. Girls leave our summer camps more sure of themselves, confident and empowered. They learn skills and values to help them succeed in school and life.

  • Girls find COURAGE by facing their fears: leaving home for a week or meeting new people.
  • Girls gain CONFIDENCE by trying new things: cooking over a fire or hitting the archery target.   
  • Girls develop CHARACTER by taking on new responsibilities: for themselves and for others.

Girls are ready to go to camp. You gift today means a girl will enjoy the summer camp experience this summer. You will be her hero.

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