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Girl Scouts Visit Mayor Pavia to Kick Off an Inspirational Girl Scout Cookie Season

January 11, 2010

Girl Scouts Visit Mayor Pavia to Kick Off an

Inspirational Girl Scout Cookie Season


Girl Scout Troop 50266 with Mayor Pavia.

Yugia (left) and Nicole from Troop 50149 look on as Mayor Pavia places his order.

January 11, 2010 - Official order-taking for Girl Scout Cookies began in Connecticut on Friday, January 8, 2010. To help mark the start of the season, Girl Scouts from Troops 50266 and 50149 visited Stamford Mayor Mike Pavia on Friday to take his cookie order. The girls brought cookie samples for the mayor and his staff and encouraged them to support their local Girl Scout Troops and Girl Scouts throughout Connecticut by ordering some tasty treats.

The mayor told the girls that his daughters were Girl Scouts and that his favorite Girl Scout cookie is the Thin Mint. He joked about consuming somewhere in the neighborhood of 36,000 of them!

The girls also encouraged the mayor and his staff to participate in Girl Scouts of Connecticut's Gift of Caring program called Cookies for Heroes. The Cookies for Heroes program allows customers to purchase Girl Scout Cookies from their local Girl Scout and the Girl Scouts of Connecticut Council, along with community partners, will ship them to service men and women at home and overseas. It is a great way to support both local Girl Scouts as well as the heroes serving our country at home and around the world.

For this year's cookie season, Girl Scouts of Connecticut is bringing back the website with a new inspirational feature. In addition to voting for their favorite Girl Scout cookie, visitors to the site will also be able to submit inspirational notes thanking our many service men and women for their dedication. The notes will be included with the Girl Scout Cookies being sent through the Cookies for Heroes program.

The annual Girl Scout Cookie Program is one of the most unique program activities for Girl Scouts. It's a hands-on leadership and financial literacy program that begins with imagination and inspiration. At the beginning of the program, girls ask themselves, "What can we do for fun and learning with our cookie proceeds?" and "What can we do with our cookie proceeds to help others?" Some Girl Scouts in Connecticut used their cookie proceeds from last year to cook dinner for a local homeless shelter, adopt military troops overseas, plant a community garden, and donate cookies to a local Veteran's hospital. Whatever goals the girls choose to pursue this year, they will also be building their leadership skills as they work as a team, budget and manage their money, and cultivate a strong sense of business ethic, all while providing customers with a tasty treat!     

Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Lemon Chalet, and a bite-size Dulce De Leche, will all be available this year, along with a new cookie treat, called Thank U Berry Munch. The new cookie features real, premium cranberries with sweet, creamy white fudge chips and is a special thank you to our many Girl Scout supporters. Girl Scout cookie fans who don't know a Girl Scout can log onto and click on the cookie to connect with Girl Scouts participating in the cookie program in their town.        &nb

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