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Letter to the Editor

February 25, 2009

To the Editor,  

The economic downturn is taking a toll on everyone - including the annual Girl Scout Cookie Program. This year, our girls are learning first-hand how a recession can have a negative effect on entrepreneurs. The results from the initial order-taking for our cookie program were disappointing for girls in Connecticut. Leaders tell us that girls are selling and people are ordering cookies; just fewer boxes per order. It appears people want to support the girls, but no one is spending as much money. In the face of a 7.2% unemployment rate in the state and a worsening recession, this is understandable.

However in these difficult economic times girls need Girl Scouting more than ever and Girl Scouts need you. The cookie program teaches invaluable entrepreneurial and leadership skills and supports key programs for girls that are delivered year-round. The cookie program is going strong.  Girls can continue to take orders and you will find cookie booth sales in all areas of the state beginning in March. This weekend the first round of cookies will arrive in the state to be delivered to our leaders and girls to fulfill the initial cookie orders.

We need your help!  Support your local Girl Scout. Buy cookies - lots of cookies! Ask your friends, family and colleagues to buy cookies. Buy cookies for yourself or you can donate your order to the Gift of Caring program and the cookies you purchase will be sent to our military personnel overseas and in the USA. You can make a difference in the life of a Girl Scout and in the life of our men and women who tirelessly serve our country. Last year we shipped 80,000 boxes of cookies to our military - this year our goal is 125,000 boxes.  They truly enjoy receiving a gift of Girl Scout cookies - it's a taste of home. 

Early this February, four Girl Scouts came to my home to sell cookies. (picture attached) When we asked what they planned to do with their cookie revenue they had two goals - buy Girl Scout uniforms for themselves and purchase a troop banner they can carry in the Veteran's Day Parade. These are the voices and values of Girl Scouts-learn self-sufficiency and make the world a better place by honoring others.  I'm so happy I had the chance to support their efforts.

Please support your local Girl Scout troop.  Visit to vote for your favorite Girl Scout cookie and to find a troop from whom you can purchase your cookies or place a Gift of Caring order. On behalf of all girls and volunteers across the state, thank you for supporting Girl Scouts of Connecticut.

Jennifer Smith Turner

CEO, Girl Scouts of Connecticut





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