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Former Camper Returns to Girl Scout Camp as New Director

July 14, 2010

Tracey DiCaprio first attended Girl Scout Camp An-Se-Ox in Oxford nearly 20 years ago. This summer she returns to An-Se-Ox as the camp's new Director.

As a former camper and staff member at the camp, Tracey knows what summer camp can mean to a girl and she wants to give all of her campers this year the same experience and lifetime memories that she gained as a camper. 

Tracey's best memories from camp involve the camp staff and the impact they had on her experience. "I believe that the staff of Camp An-Se-Ox sets it apart from others," explains Tracey. "There are staff members who were campers years ago and keep coming back for more, just like I do. I just can't get enough!"

Under Tracey's direction this summer, Camp An-Se-Ox is offering programs that will help campers become well-rounded, independent leaders. Guard Start is a program where girls will practice distance swimming for strength and stamina, earn First Aid and CPR certifications, and learn the basic water safety techniques to find out if you have what it takes to become a lifeguard. The camp will also offer a LEAD program for girls who wish to gain the knowledge, tools, and skills in order to help with younger girls. Participants of the program will receive Program Aide Core Training and LEAD Training. They will also assist Unit Leaders and Program staff to involve campers in programs. Other programs at Camp An-Se-Ox include, All Things Scottish that will introduce girls to different cultures and expand their knowledge about other countries, Incredible Edible that will give girls an opportunity to make new recipes and gain a sense of independence by cooking for themselves, and many more.

"I want to see the girls come back year after year," Tracey explains. "For me, camp is a place to meet new people and make memories. It is important to see that each and every camper enjoys camp and finds an activity that keeps them coming back for more."

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