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Many Fond Memories Posted: Mar 17, 2011
There are many monumental events in a persons life. For me, Girl Scouting and spending all my summers at resident camp, first as a camper at the age of 9, to my 7 yrs as a counselor, and horse riding instructor at Camp Laurel, definitely set the bar high for future adventures.
The things I experienced spending my summers in the woods of Connecticut, listening to the bull frogs and crickets in the night, watching the fireflies flicker in the dark, listening to girls laughter coming from the tents and cabins, and the camaraderie we had as a unified group of girls testing our survival skills and learning from and teaching each other what we knew, was unlike anything I ever experienced elsewhere.
Of course being a horse lover I was able to live my dreams being around horses all summer....ahhhh the smell of horse flesh and the velvety touch of their noses, and the joy of passing the knowledge of horsemanship on to young girls, some who had grown up in the inner city and never saw a squirrel up close, never mind a horse, and see them learn the wonders of that great gentle creature and master the basics of riding and horse care by the end of the session, was greatly rewarding.
Fires crackling in the night, singing sweet harmonies and forming friendships that have remained special to this day.
I learned about friendships that neither family,school, or neighborhood could offer, on the common grounds of a love of nature and adventure and song we all shared.
Thank you fellow campers and Girl Scouts of Connecticut.
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