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GIRLtopia Quilt
Posted: Jul 10, 2013
This quilt was designed and sewn by the seven Senior Girl Scout members of Troop 62019: Sydney, Lindsay N, Adrienne, Katherine, Megan, Annelise, and Lindsay W. The multi-step project, which took 10 months to complete, was part of the troop's Senior GIRLtopia Journey. The Girl Scouts of the USA define this Journey as "a chance to imagine a perfect world for creating their vision as an art project... (and) making their vision a reality"

The themes in order are:
*Independence/Individuality by Katherine
*Education by Lindsay N
*Unity and Togetherness by Adrienne
*Safety and Non-Violence by Katherine
*Values such as Kindness, Forgiveness, and Honesty by Sydney
*Respect by Sydney and Lindsay W
*Love by Megan
*Peace by Megan
*Shelter and Homelife by Annelise
*Happiness by Alice
*Friendship by Cherie
*Freedom by Lindsay N
*Courage by Adrienne
*Career/Hobby Equality by Diane
*Justice by Lindsay W
*Gobal Conservation by Annelise

The members of our troop worked together to create a Journey project which focused on the following: identifying and addressing significant issues which affect the quality of life for girls and women around the world; educating others about these issues; promoting a greater awareness of the core themes identified; and demonstrating each troop member's unique vision of a better world for girls and women.

The themes for the 16 quilt squares were identified through a survey which was aimed at exploring the issues and realities which have affected women in the past and present world. Additionally, troop members were encouraged to envision how these issues may change for women in the future. Each troop member chose two themes which meant the most to them and then designed quilt blocks to represent their subject. The troop members worked together along with troop co-leaders, Diane Walsh and Alice Simoniello, parent volunteer Cherie Toman, and in consultation with local artist and nationally recognized quilter, Sandra Smith.

Our hope is that this quilt project will serve to educate and inspire others to envision and promote a bright future for all girls and women.

The quilt is on display for the month of July at the Killingworth Library. It will be on display in September at the Durham Fair. then, it will hang permanently at the Killingworth Historical Society.

To read more about the making of the quilt, visit the troop blog:

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