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Girls buy harness for Fidelco dog; help former Girl Scout Leader
Posted: Sep 23, 2011
In January of 2010, the Girl Scouts of Troop 10750 earned their Bronze Awards for their work with Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation. The girls started with an interest in helping animals and people with disabilities. They conducted background research and learned about the Fidelco organization. They attended the Fidelco Open House in April of 2009 and had the opportunity to tour the Fidelco facility in Bloomfield, CT and meet lots of Fidelco dogs. Fidelco representative Jan Adams came to a troop meeting with a guide dog named Prairie, and the girls fell in love.

The troop decided to work together to find ways to help this important and special organization. Over the course of a year and a half, the girls raised money. Their hope was to purchase a complete harness set for a new Fidelco Guide Dog recipient. The girls held a car wash and sold cookies, nuts, and magazines to earn money. They also ran the water stations at the annual Walk for Fidelco in May of 2009. To help Fidelco puppies, they crafted puppy pull-toys from old towels that they collected. At the completion of the project, the girls had raised $506 which they used to purchase a complete set of supplies for a new Fidelco dog. This set included a lead, bowls, and a very expensive, specially designed harness. They had raised enough money to purchase an additional leather leash as well. Fidelcoís Jan Adams gracefully accepted the donation from the girls at their Winter Awards Ceremony in January of 2010. Jan also arranged for a brass plaque to be added to the harness that thanked the girls of Troop 10750 for their donation. The following girls earned their Bronze Award for their work: Emalie B., Rachael B., Ashley C., Jenni G., Samantha J., Alyssa R., and Maria V. The following girls also contributed to the project: Emily B., Emily C., MacKenzie G., and Emily P.

Here is a note from Membership Manager Becky Tanner:
Yesterday I received a telephone message from someone who was requesting a troop leaderís name or Service Unit leaderís name for Ellington. When I called her back, she explained that she is a former Service Unit manager and troop leader from Guilford. She went on to tell me that she wanted the contact information to send them a thank you as she had recently benefited with a donation from the troop. As we talked more, she told me she had recently lost her eyesight and had just received a service dog. The dog came with a harness that had a tag saying it was donated by the Ellington troop. The troop in question had worked with The Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation as part of their Bronze Award project. They had donated needed harnesses to the foundation with money from their cookie sale.

Near the end of our conversation, the woman told me she hadnít realized it was the 100th anniversary and wanted to know about special celebrations. When I told her about the Jubilee, she expressed great interest. She said she was going to email the girls who had been in her troop and invite them to come with her. They are all in college and keep in close contact. The whole story brought tears to my eyes. We never know who our actions might influence. I am sure the girls in Ellington had no idea their donation would benefit a Girl Scout leader.

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