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Leaving Behind Our Footprints
Posted: Jun 25, 2011
In an effort to earn our Brownie Quest Journey Award, we wrote a letter to our school principal asking for a service project idea. She told us that the second grade atrium garden area needed some sprucing up. So, we connected with our community garden club members for some advice on garden design and the best plant selection based on the conditions of the garden. We submitted our plan to the principle and she approved. We wanted our final look to be whimsical, colorful, and playful. One of our Brownie Dads cut down an over grown spruce tree, including digging up the stump which was back breaking work. We weeded and removed invasive plants that the Garden Club members had advised. We rearranged many of the garden accents that were already in the garden. We added bright colored pots filled with impatiens and a tea pot and tea cup planters filled with hens and chicks. We placed 12 multi-colored wind mills around the garden representing the 12 members of our troop. We added a bright colored kite hanging from a plant holder that made it look as if it were flying. There was already a stepping stone pathway so we decided to plant more hens and chicks in pairs of the girls' old shoes and placed them as if they were walking out of the garden. We titled our garden, "Leaving Our Footprints Behind" as the girls will be moving on to a new school. The girls received a lot of positive feedback about their efforts in the garden.

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